State Museum Exhibit of Modern Architecture Photographs

I’m very honored that all three of my submissions to the State Museum of Pennsylvania’s Modern Architecture Juried Photo Exhibit were accepted.  Submissions for this special exhibit were sought by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, and selected by a juried panel.  The jury was comprised of Dennis Hockman (Editor-In-Chief of Preservation Magazine and Senior Director, Editor and Creative of the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Washington, D.C.), Betsy Manning (Philadelphia-based photojournalist and featured photographer in the special exhibit, “UnCommon Modern:  A Pennsylvania Glossary of Modern Architecture”), and David Oresick (Executive Director, Silver Eye Center for Photography, Pittsburgh).

Entrants were permitted to submit up to three images which display examples of mid-20th century modernist-style architecture constructed in Pennsylvania between 1930 and 1980.  Photos may depict exteriors, interiors, or close details of qualifying structures.  The exhibit will also include structures which have been updated, so as to display the juxtaposition of old and new.

One of my photographic passions is that of photographing old, historic buildings.  When I consider what I typically go for, I realize it’s nearly always mid-19th century to early-20th century era structures.  I decided to step outside of my comfort zone, and try something new.  Initially, I considered going to Harrisburg or Hershey, or taking a train to Philadelphia.  But as I researched iconic buildings that would be appropriate for this particular exhibit, it became evident that the reason I was able to easily find information on them, is because they’ve been studied and photographed many times.  I realized what I really wanted to do was find local buildings to shoot.  I knew this might mean that the lesser-known buildings may give me a disadvantage, or not afford an exciting shot since we don’t have big, bright city lights in our area, but as I proceeded with this project it became more and more important that I remain true to my roots.

I became somewhat obsessed with locating and shooting buildings with the correct architecture.  I looked for dated cornerstones, spoke with maintenance people, and our school district administration office for information verification. I spent many weekends on this project until I found the perfect subjects.  I chose Dillsburg Community Church, Wellsville Elementary School, and Northern Elementary School – the latter being my elementary alma mater.  I selected the church for its concrete cross and straight-line aluminum features, Wellsville Elementary for its flat roof line and straight-line aluminum features near the entrance, and Northern Elementary as an example of new construction added onto the old.  

The exhibit will be on display October 25, 2015 – February 28, 2016 at the State Museum of Pennsylvania, in Harrisburg.  I’ll be attending the opening day reception on October 25th, beginning at 2:00 p.m.  All are welcome, please stop by to say Hello, and view the amazing exhibit of works by Pennsylvania photographers!  Information regarding a visit to the museum can be found here:

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